Small World   Registration Form - pre school

Please complete the form below and then print it and return with £25 registration1 to

Small World
89 Bagley Wood Road
Oxford OX1 5NA

Please return this completed form with a registration1 fee of £25 to
Small World, 89 Bagley Wood Road, Kennington, Oxford, OX1 5NA

Please make cheques payable to Small World Nursery Ltd

Request for a Place - Registration

Date (today's)
Please tick your requirements or preferences below & describe above any flexibility with these.   Please tick your requirements or preferences below & describe on the previous page any flexibility with these.   Our policies require a minimum of five sessions 3
A session is a morning or afternoon. So five sessions examples are 2½ days or 5 mornings
Tick both morning & afternoon for a whole day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 8am - 1pm
Afternoon 1pm - 6pm
School day 8am - 4pm

Please note that this form places you on our waiting list but does not guarantee you a place.
We will confirm this in writing with an offer of a place.

1 The registration is non-refundable, except only for a fully council funded place, and only after a minimum of a complete terms attendance.
2 Details of referral incentives are available on request.
3 The minimum session requirement, waived only for a fully council funded place, is to give your child the consistence of input that experience proves is best for them.

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